Therapy on Ibiza

Do you suffer from panic attacks, insomnia, phobias, psychosomatic symptoms or depression?

Do you have relationship problems, feel lonely, helpless or have you lost the emotional contact with your children?

Don’t give up. Together we will develop new perspectives, and find approaches to solutions of the problems.

Ibiza Psychotherapie & Ibiza Life Coach

Empathy, openness and compassion are an important part of any successful treatment. Due to my musical education these properties are very natural for me.

Each treatment is individually chosen together with the client to his specific needs. Sessions also available over Skype.

Ibiza coach

Ibiza Psychotherapie & Ibiza Life Coach

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Techniques used by me:

Ibiza Psychotherapie & Ibiza Life Coach

Vita / Ingmar Hansch

Born in 1971, I finished high school at Overhagen and studied Mathematics, English and economy at the university Cologne. During my studies I worked for several television stations as a script / continuity and production assistant.

In 2002 I founded the music labels  „Movin Sounds Ibiza “ and in 2004 together with partners the environmental orientated Music Platform „Greenheart Music „.

From 2010 on, I studied psychotherapy at the Hamburg academy for psychology and obtained in 2012 the approval by the German health authorities to exercise the profession of a psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker).

I am happily married and we have a daughter.


The professions of „Psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker)“ and „Psychological Counselor“ oblige me to secrecy.


There are cooperations with other therapists who are specialized in various therapies, such as „body-orientated therapies.“


I do not have permission to prescribe medication.


The first consultation call to get an overview about your situation is free.

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